About Us

Sherie L. Nevett

is an American ready-to-wear label that
represents the modern yet
sophisticated woman who dares to be an
individual while embracing her own inner
style.  Sherie L. Nevett offers a designer
collections aesthetic, however with a
moderate price-point.

The brand is also recognized for spectacular
silhouettes, colors, textures and fabrics.
These elements blend together to create
garments that have a whimsical flair with
touches of playfulness.

Insight from Sherie L. Nevett
Creative Director

In my opinion, the fashion industry has been watered down drastically.
Many designers have lost their authenticity by trying to please the masses.
Therefore, my vision is to bring style back to fashion, and I am and will
continue to do this by not following the trends, but staying authentic to
who I am as a designer and setting them.

My label is for the woman who is an individualist that dares to stand out
while embracing her own inner style. Notice, I mentioned inner style,
because style begins from within.

The woman with the innate style portrays
what I call that it factor, which demonstrates sophistication, life, elegance,
grace, edge and so much more. Her style is not rehearsed, neither is it learned,
but comes from a natural place.

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PO Box 346837
Atlanta, GA 30308



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